Galadriel & Dark elf sorceress

Two miniatures that I brushed up this fall being unable to finish my entries for UKGD and Euromilitaire. I haven't entered any competition since 2008 so it feels pretty good to finally be back in the game. Neither were thought of as competition pieces though when I painted them but I just had to do my best to get them up to scratch which is a bit difficult if you initially didn't aim for neatness. :P

The dark elf sorceress was entered into Euromilitaire and got a bronze (an earlier version actually, this one has some parts reworked) and it feels pretty good now with some distance to the event. But unfortunately the judging in the fantasy category in Euromilitaire was very inconsistent with people getting totally left out and others... well. Hopefully that will be sorted out to next year. The judging in most other categories was truly excellent.

I entered both in UKGD and they got finalists. Considering the competition in this years GD I'm pretty happy with the result. I have to say that UKGD was very nice this time around, it seemed more of a convention and I got to talk to some nice people. Getting tips and tricks from Seb Perbet and thorough critique of the sculpt I am working on from FW sculptor Israel Gonzales. :) I'm not a very competitive minded person but I like being recognised for my work (who doesn't) so getting so many compliments on my miniatures from different people warmed my heart.

Pleasure to meet everyone! :)

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