Euromilitaire 2014 pictures

These are pictures I took at the Euromilitaire 2014 competition in Folkstone, Kent. My first Euromilitaire was overall a pleasant experience and cheers to the people I met there. Hope I meet you in good spirit in the future! I might follow up this post with more thoughts on the actual competition but for now I'll just leave you with some, hopefully, pretty pictures to look at. This is by no means meant to be a full coverage, just photographed stuff I noticed and wasn't too difficult or risky to get a good picture of. Missed many amazing miniatures. I just thought I should share.

From the well lit Pegaso stand:

Work by the amazing Pepa (sorry for missing the focus, didn't check the image):

From the competition:

Best of Show (unfortunately in a cabinet and difficult to photograph, sorry about the flash):

The Great War prize (same here):

About the images.
Nothing fancy, used my 60D and the Tamron 17-50 2.8. In this kind of circumstance a VC/OS/IS would have been amazing but I didn't have such a lens with me. So a little more noise then could have been. I must say, many of these were taken at ISO 6400 and with some slight noise reduction they look quite good. I know I tried something similar with my 40D some years back and it didn't work at all, so pleasantly surprised.

When I do shots like this I use the "burst mode". I often find that the first and last of the images in a burst series are blurry while the ones in the middle are sharp. That's because the movement of the hand and fingers from pushing and releasing the shutter have an impact.

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