Ilyad Minotaur WIP

Finally started painting the Ilyad Minotaur I cleaned up a couple of months ago. I only have a few hours every week when I have the time to paint so my projects are moving painfully slow. The miniature is very fun to paint however, as all really good sculpts are!  I haven't done that much but I was thinking I'd share the process even if it's my usual haphazard one. 

It was based with airbrush and VMC dark sand. Used VMC brown violet and VMC silvergrey and tried to do some basic shading and highlighting with the aibrush but it went a bit pooey.

So I went over it with brush using the same colours. For dark shadows I added some VMC dark prussia blue to the brown violet and and I have also started doing some outlining of the different parts in this stage using the same shadow colour. For some pinkish midtones I added Citadel doombull brown to dark sandI painted the strap red just to test the colors. Doombull brown didn't cover that well so I used Citadel Mephiston red first as a base and then just threw on the doombull brown to see how it fared. Also started adding some hair with brown violet on the skin and slapped on some on the actual hair of the model. 

I haven't decided on many colours just yet but I think the skin on the back is coming along nicely with the highlights almost done and some smoothing out of the midtones/shadows to do. The hair will be dark however and I'm thinking of doing the horns very dark. 

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