Rise of the planet of the apes review...

This is me watching the movie

Ok. So now I've watched it. In theaters - what a waste. Yeah, it sucked! Big surprise...

The first part was so poor that I contemplating leaving my seat, or sleeping. The second part, more filled with action, was better but still not very good. It did have some cool scenes. I liked the one where the leaves were falling.

Plus and minuses then:

+ Decent face animation coped with Andy Seriks made for a good Ceasar. Yes the best actor in the movie was the computer animated ape. Not that the competition was very fierce.
+ The animal interaction was pretty cool to see.

- The script. Tired clichés stapled on top of each other like old cheese sandwishes. Some ridiculous scenes and every stereotype known to this genre.
- The directing and acting. Shallow human characters, an overplaying Lithgow was the most compelling one, the rest I've already forgotten.
- The animations. They were simply not up to snuff. I bought some shots but I was mostly not impressed. For some reason the main character was one of those that looked least convincing though the face animation did portray his feelings ok.
- The little winks back to the old series just felt trite.

Bear in mind that I'm not a die hard fan of the original series either so it's not one of those reviews. I've only seen the first one I think but I remember that I liked it.

Grade: weak 2/5

To sum it up:
Mostly a waste of time and money but it gets a bit more entertaining after the abysmal first part.

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